No Days Off!

 Hello again Mamas! 

Our first mama feature is non other then the beautiful, Nikkosha. She rocked her looks, and knocked our socks off with her insanely high jump shots. She became a mom in 2010, and has two kiddos. Henry who is 4, and Lylah 5. Her favorite thing about the being apart of the project was meeting other fun moms, and getting all fancied up. 

We asked each mom what Motherhood means to them, and this is what Nikkosha said. "An eternal love, friendship, madness and worry! It literally means no days off. You’ve got the unconditional love of such innocent wild beings that you constantly worry over. My favorite thing about motherhood is hand holding, laughing, and the excuse to still be a child yourself. I love watching the world be discovered through my children’s eyes. I also love the little saying my kids create while trying to express their thoughts."

Lets break down the rad shop moms behind her look.

Her "No Days Off" tee is hand painted on a black cotton jersey v-neck. The "Hustle" joggers are camo eco fleece and also hand painted. Both are made by Honey Bee True Co. The "Mom Boss" snap back is from 3 Rad Monkeys. The pictures do not do the sparkle justice. The camo fabric button earrings are from HH_and_Co, and handcrafted, stamped bracelets are from Moxy Jewelry. Her black avaitors are Fj. And Co. The stripe black and white beanie is made by, Little Anchored Threads Co. Last but not least her black, rainbow knee high tube socks are from Pride Socks. 

(Hair and Makeup done by: Ashley, owner of Urban Style Salon and Spa)

Nikkosha's real review of the products she wore: 

"Great sayings from Honey Bee True Co. The shirt was a true testament to mommy life. It was soft, and absolutely comfortable. I loved how long the shirt is. I have a long torso so long T-shirts are a must. The aviators stayed put on the face, and would block all the sun! The beanie was fitted so it didn’t fall down, and was also very soft. The studs (earrings) are adorable camo and perfect size. The cuffs (bracelets) are light and flexible. The socks are so soft and thick. The mom boss hat was awesome. It was trendy, and made me feel like, Heck yes I'm the boss! I see my outfit absolutely being useful in my everyday mom life, they are comfortable, but not frumpy. They have style and sass so you can wear "sweats/joggers" out but still feel like a mom boss. Some days as a mom you feel like you're just surviving, I feel like when I can pull myself together, get dressed, and feel, and look good I feel more like I'm thriving!'

Mom Shop Boss Feature: Mary, owner of Moxy Jewelry. Mary became a mom in 2013. She has a 2 year old named, Dax. That same year she started her business. She mostly works while Dax naps/sleeps to center her self. It's her version of "me time." We can appreciate that NAPTIME HUSTLE mama! We asked her some questions to get to know her better.                                                                           


What does the word 'Motherhood' mean to you? "Motherhood means being solely responsible for another living, breathing human that occupies all your time and fills your heart with so much love!!"

What is your favorite thing about being a mom? "I love waking up to my son every morning. He giggles, pats my cheek and says, "Awwww, Mama". I love watching him grow and learn. It feels me with so much pride."

What is your favorite thing about running your own shop/business? "I love not having a time clock. I do things when it's convenient for my family. Normally, that's late at night when the husband and little man are asleep!"

Pick one thing that is an absolute necessity to you, in your day to day to life as a mother? "Naptime is pretty crucial for me! That's when I clean up the days mess, and catch up on business emails! I also love a good glass of wine in the evening."

Make sure you check out Mary's shop: Moxy Jewelry 
Photography by: Katie 
Photos were taken at the beautiful event venue, Opal28.
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