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Greetings Mamas! Welcome back. Lets dive right into this weeks features.

First up we have Ashley.

Not only did she model in our shoot, but she also did the hair and make up for our mama models. 

Multitasking is something that comes naturally to Ashley. It has to, as business owner, and mother. In 2007 she gave birth to her child, and shortly after had to return to work. She was tired of the long commute to work, and wanted the freedom to make her own hours to spend more time with her daughter. She made the decision to open her own salon. (Urban Styles Salon & Spa) Nine years later her business is thriving.
She now has two beautiful girls, Devyn who is 9, and Dylan who is 19 months. For Ashley motherhood means, "Love and responsibilities 24/7!" Her favorite thing about being a mom is "Experiencing all their firsts, and the unconditional love." 
It's like the camo "No Days Off" hoodie was made for her, and she looks amazing in it.
We are so thankful to have had her be apart of the #TheMotherhoodProject. 
Next up, Shop Boss Mom, Emily. She is the owner of Urban Oreganics
Urban Oreganics handcrafts the highest quality bath & beauty products from natural, sustainable, organic, and vegan ingredients just outside of Portland, Oregon. Her handmade creations are lovingly fashioned in small batches, and tested on friends and family, never on animals. She also offers a free sample with every order. How rad is that? We loved trying out her products at the shoot, and she was kind enough to send each of our models a Cacao' & Clay Facial Masks. A great way to pamper yourself, and bonus, it smells like chocolate! It will leave your face feeling nourished, and so soft. I added cucumber to reduce the dark circles under my always tired eyes. #Momlife right?! The lip balm above that Ashley is using is a luxurious, citrus lip butter that goes on smooth, and leaves lips kissable with a little bit of sweetness. It's a must try. We also really like the body food. You can use from head to toe. Nicole really loves using it on her ink to keep it moisturized, and looking good.  
Emily opened her business in 2013, the same year she became a mom. She knew she wanted to stay home with her babies, but needed to financially contribute to the household. She has two littles, Milo 2, and Max who is 4 months.
Here is a piece of our Q&A with Emily. 
What does the word 'Motherhood' mean to you? "Selfless."
What is your favorite thing about being a mom? "Loving each new stage more than the one before! It's so fun to watch them grow and learn."
What is your favorite thing about running your own shop/business? "Being home with my boys."
Pick one thing that is an absolute necessity to you, in your day to day to life as a mother? "FaceTime lunch dates with daddy!"
We will feature more great products from Urban Oreganics in future posts so stary tuned. To see more of her products, and shop around click HERE.
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#Hustleon Mamas!

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Katie & Nicole