It's a Top Knot Life

Hey beautiful mamas! It's Tuesday again already, so we have three new features to share with you. Today our Mama feature is this blue eyed Betty, Katy. 
Talk about gorgeous! And that top knot, wow! Katy is mother to a very busy toddler, Reese, who will be two in July. She loves rediscovering the world through his eyes, and watching him grow and learn. "Motherhood is life’s greatest adventure. It is both the most rewarding and the most challenging role I have ever had." Totally agree, Katy. Her motherhood necessities are "good nights sleep, healthy food, but coffee when those things are not possible."
This supermom is still nursing so she stayed hydrated with Urban Oreganics Nursing Tea at #TheMotherhoodProject shoot. 
Here's the low down on her amazing look. 
Of course the staple to this outfit, the hand painted top knot tee is made by Honey Bee True Co. Her Supplex leggings are by Lucky Red Thread. Compression athletic socks are from Pride Socks. Gold triangle earrings are HH & Co. Stack-able bracelets, Moxy Jewelry
Heart glasses are from FJ and Co. Her adorable mug is Kindred Made
 Our first shop boss mom up today is also named Kati. She is one of the creators and owners behind, Kindred MadeKindred Made is a family run shop that opened in 2015. Made up of one father, one daughter and one son-in-law. Together they make functional, and unique pottery pieces that are built to be used and loved everyday. All of their pieces are thrown from clay on a potters wheel and electric kiln fired to cone 6. Using lead free, food safe glazes that are microwave and dishwasher safe - no need to hand wash! When Kati isn't creating these beautiful handmade pieces, she is mothering her two adorable boys. 
Here is some of our Q&A with Kati
What does the word 'Motherhood' mean to you?
"Motherhood is everything. Becoming a mother was the single most Earth-shattering thing I've ever done. My entire life got flipped upside down, it's incredible to have such a purpose. I'm almost three years into this gig and I still am blown away by the overwhelmingness of it all. Not in a bad way, but motherhood is just.. everything. It changes how you think about things, every decision you make it revolves around your kids."
Did becoming a mom influence your decision to open your shop/businesses?
"It did! I was looking for a way to be able to support my family and hopefully be able to spend more time with the boys as a result."
What is your favorite thing about being a mom?
"The love. Love that your children give you is so.. pure. It's got no grudges or bad memories, it's not forced or something they need to's just there. Constantly. Pure, sweet love that makes your heart hurt. "
What is your favorite thing about running your own shop/business?
"Our shop is made up of myself, my husband and my dad so the bonding that the three of us have done over this has been incredible. It's been nice to spend so much time with my dad through KindredMade!"
Pick one thing that is an absolute necessity to you, in your day to day to life as a mother?
"Those last few hours in the evening when both boys are asleep and I can unwind from my day!"
To see more from Kindred Made click HERE
Cheryl, owner of Lucky Red Thread is our next shop boss mom. We could write a book about all the things we love about her and her shop, but we know you don't have time for that. This SoCal mama has 3 kiddos. Ages 3, 7, and 14. She is kind, funny, so genuine, and a cancer survivor. She's a Disney, and fitness addict.  
Lucky Red Threads is small hand made shop that makes everything from toddler leggings and head wraps, to leggings for moms. We used a few pairs of her supplex leggings in our shoot. They were a huge hit. Supplex is a jet air textured nylon that gives the fabric a feeling of natural cotton, while still giving you the performance benefits of nylon. It is breathable, faster drying than cotton, crease resistant, anti-pilling, and durable, making it perfectly suited to the active and mom lifestyle.
Here is our Q&A with Cheryl
In what year did you start your business?
"2013 when Ava was a baby."
What does the word 'Motherhood' mean to you?
"Motherhood is hard to put into words. It's love you never thought existed, it’s craziness, its moments of every emotion, it’s really something you have no idea about until you become a mother. It is something greater than just yourself. its a chance to be able to give the best of your self back to the world! it’s a privilege!"
Did becoming a mom influence your decision to open your shop/businesses and why/how?
"Well, lets start by I never ever sewed anything, well maybe in 7th grade in home economics class, which I don’t think they even have any more… my daughter Ava was born with. lets just say a lot of brains… ok a huge head and pretty bald. I was tired of people calling her a boy so I decided to buy some head bands to have her wear. They all ended up being too small and always leaving indentations on her head. My cousin suggested that I try to make her some myself. so I turned to the internet on how to make headbands and that's where I started.I never intended to open a shop, but people started asking me to make them some for their kids and so I decided why not because I have grown to love to sew so much!! I ended up changing our name and eventually added workout leggings for the mamas…."
What is your favorite thing about being a mom?
"The love, snuggles, struggles, the teaching and watching my kids grow and their accomplishments."
What is your favorite thing about running your own shop/business?
"Being able to stay home with them because they are only little for so long! And teaching them that you can really do anything you want to do as long as you love what you do."
Pick one thing that is an absolute necessity to you, in your day to day to life as a mother?
"Going to the gym, that is my me time. Just being able to blow of some steam by myself is great! And also having time to go and sew uninterrupted."
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