The Motherhood Project

Hello, and welcome to The Motherhood Project. We are so excited to finally share what its all about, so lets start there.

The Motherhood Project- An ongoing project to celebrate,  and support Mothers, and Mother owned businesses. So  here's to all the Moms out  there. We see you. We respect  the Mother Hustle. We know you get No Days Off. We see the beauty in your Top Knot, and can appreciate your right to wear leggings any, and every day of the week. We want you to know you can, Be You, and you're beautiful just the way you are. Motherhood is an empowering journey. We can take it on together.

While we embark on this movement to empower Mothers our goal is to bring this community of mothers together; to excluded no one, to learn about each other, to learn from each other and find ways we can support one another. 

To turn Motherhood into a Sisterhood, where all moms can be themselves. To share their passions, struggles, and successes. No matter how big, or small. We decided to kick this movement off by putting together a collaborative photo shoot of all things mom. All the models, contributors, and everything provided, was from or made by a mom. Starting next Tuesday, each week we'll share a piece of the shoot. We will give a breakdown of each look, the products, the models themselves, and so much more. We really hope you check back every Tuesday, and join us in supporting all these amazing women. 



The Moms Behind the Project:
Nicole: Mother to Beez, Wife, Small Shop Boss (HoneyBeeTrueCo), Artist, Photographer, Graphic Designer, and over all bad mama jama. 
Katie: Mother to the #KpBoyz, Wife, Photographer,(Wannabe) Stylist, Event Planner, and Lover of all things Pacific Northwest. 
We are just a couple of moms who have found the support, and friendship that motherhood has to offer. Two years ago I, Nicole reached out to Katie to help shoot some products for the holiday season. We met up half way between our homes, and BAM *mom chemistry*. Since then, we have forged a great friendship, had a number of play dates (and Mom Dates), photo shoots, and even organized IG meet ups with other local PNW moms & kiddos. The Motherhood Project is just one of our crazy ideas that we hope everyone will enjoy, and benefit from in one way or another. 
We want to take a second to thank every mom who already joined us, and contributed to make this all happen. We couldn't have done it without you. 
Thank you to all #TheMotherhoodProject Contributors! 

Honey Bee True Co. 

Lucky Red Thread




Little B's Crystals 



Swim Zip

Lil Anchored Threads

3 Rad Monkeys



Hello Sweet Pies

Pride Socks

Urban Organics


 Kindred Made

Neat Cheeks









Photography by: Katie Plummer 

Link to the Pictures: #TheMotherhoodProject


#Hustleon Mamas!

Until next time.