Hello again beautiful mamas! We're back! Sorry for the delay, but Summer life has been a little crazy, but today we are ready to get back to it with 3 new rad mom features. Lets start with this Babe, Dez

Dez started her motherhood journey in 2002. She has 3 very active boys; Avery 13, Blythe 10, Hayden 7. Her boys keep her busy with many things including their martial arts, where of course she is their biggest cheerleader, and supporter. To Dez motherhood means, "unconditional love." This coffee loving, hardworking mama is a medical assistant, and also a photographer. She owns her own photography business, Sweet N Sassy Photography

Now let's break down her look. Her hand painted "Mothercise" tank is made by Honey Bee True Co. Her Supplex leggings are from Lucky Read Thread. Her earrings from HH&CO. Bracelet is Moxy Jewelry. Athletic compression socks, Pride Socks.  Her crystallized whistle is from Little B's Crystals, and her adorable beanie is made by Little Anchored Threads Co.  Hair and make up by, Urban Styles Spa & Salon. 

Now onto to the shop features. Up first is Katelynn, owner of Little B's Crystals.

Little B's Crystals makes beautiful sparkling creations by embellishing with Swarovski® Crystals. Everything from the whistle in today's look to EOS lip balms, bridal robes, shoes, etc. 

Here is our Q&A response from Katelynn. 

"I became a mother in July of 2013. I have an almost 3 year old son, Bryan. I started my business in 2014. Motherhood to me is, the most amazing experience I have ever encountered in my life. It's full of ups and downs and I've learned so much about myself! I love motherhood and I can't express how lucky I feel to be able to experience it. Becoming a mom and shortly after staying home to take care of my son gave me the chance to pursue my Crystal business. I first learned about Swarovski® Crystals almost 10 years ago and have been in love ever since. It was like I truly wanted to work with these Crystals one day as a living. Everyone tells me they can't believe I place one at a time and how tedious it is, but I don't even think of it like that I love Crystalizing! :) My favorite thing about being a mom is watching my son grow and having a little person to hug and have a good time with always. The tantrums and craziness is always overpowered by love and kisses and hugs from him! :) My favorite thing about running my own business is how you can run things your way. I previously worked at Starbucks Coffee Co. For 8 years previously before starting my business, and I learned tricks and time management tools to help me with my small business. I survive literally on the love of my husband Bryan Adam & my son Bryan Ray.....I think coffee everyday has something to do with it lol but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't ever be able to be without them! 
   Xoxoxo-Katelynn 💖"
Check out Little B's Crystals by clicking HERE. And follow her HERE
Next up is our girl Brittany, owner of Little Anchored Threads Co. 
This talented mama opened her shop in 2014, and specializes in handmade children's apparel, and accessories both both kids, and moms. She makes everything from leggings/harlems, rompers, short, beanies, and so much more. Brittany is one our fellow #PNWMAMAS and she loves to explore, and take pictures. She is mom to an adorably, sassy toddler named, Kaidynce, who loves to hang with her in her sewing room while she works.
Here is a piece of our Q&A with Brittany.
What does the word 'Motherhood' mean to you?
"To me Motherhood means, an unconditional selfless love & bond that runs deep within & never be broken. A child brings so much happiness & joy that follows worry & over thinking. Well at least it did me lol, But what is a mother with out worry & over thinking? Motherhood itself is a full time job but while wearing 20 more hats to juggle on top of it which is why when I think of the word Motherhood I think of SUPERWOMAN! Motherhood is thee most Incredible feeling & BIGGEST Blessing one can experience."

Did becoming a mom influence your decision to open your shop/businesses and why/how?
"Most definitely, I wouldn't have bought my first sewing Machine if it wasn't for my daughter. Before I was pregnant I worked all the time always on my feet. We moved from California here to Oregon to give our Daughter a better life. Not knowing a single person, while my fiance worked a lot to provide for us to make it possible for me to be home with our child & not put into daycare. Now that I was a SAHM in a new state I've never been before I started to fall in a depression that I kept to myself. I needed to find something I enjoyed doing while being at home so I could help out financially & possibly kick the depression I was feelin
g. Having a daughter I instantly was in love with baby fashion & taking pictures of her. Only problem was I didn't like how most store bought clothing fit on her. So I decided to buy my first sew machine & handmade my daughters first pair of leggings. I was proud that I was able to clothe my child with something I made with my two hands. I posted a picture of her in the new leggings on social media & the feedback was shocking and unexpected. People started personally writing me to see if I could make there child a pair. Once I saw my first order I made on my little cute customer, I instantly fell in love & knew this is what I wanted to do...hand make rad threads for all the cute little humans around the world!
What is your favorite thing about being a mom?
"Being able to watch her grow & learn. They grow fast but its so amazing watching every step of the way and being part of it all. Watching her Personality flourish. I love being smothered with her kisses and hugs everyday, and most of all our evening cuddles as she peacefully falls asleep on my lap as I run my hands through her hair every nigh before bed.(moments to cherish)"
What is your favorite thing about running your own shop/business?
"The fact I can be on my own time & work around my families schedule. Putting YOU'RE creative ideas to use & when you accomplish them it only makes you feel more appreciative & rewarding seeing your work on kids everywhere. Knowing there parents came to you when they have so many other options."
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