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Posted by Nicole Robertson on

Honey Bee True Co. designs are a way to express my art, and are usually so fun to create, but often times, Honey Bee True Co. designs are inspired by personal life. When that happens, the design is *more* than just a design, it’s meaning is much deeper. And with my latest HBT design, it symbolizes so much more than just a design, It’s a reminder of promise. Promise that there are better days ahead.
Honey Bee True CO's newest design is a distressed gold foil ampersand. This design is a symbol of course, but symbolizes more than just a continuation of a sentence. This design symbolizes the continuation of you & your life. 
During life, we go through storms, and we are not always sure how we’ll make it. Those storms bend us, warp us, beat us down, so we make come back stronger. Come back with a new outlook or plan. There are times when those storms feel like they have taken it all out of us, but this design, like others, is worn to flatter, to comfort, to remind us that we are not alone. Remind us that even though life might not be what we planned or as shiny as it once was, it isn't over. There is more to your story. There is more to your life. Do not be discouraged by your life's weathered look, but be encouraged by your strengths. Stand tall and fight for what is worth it. Leave the rest alone.
& you are worth it.
& you are strong.
& you are brave.
& you are beautiful.
& you are enough.
& it is always darkest before the dawn.
& your past does not define your future.
& tomorrow is a new day!
& you are not finished yet!
What does & mean to you?
Honey, be true. Be you.
Thank you to Ashleigh Ferguson
@dearestanddashing // @dearestanddashing_photography for putting into words what I couldn't.
Thank you to Katie Plummer
@ktplummer84 for always finding the locations and executing the shot HBT needs. Thank you for being such a huge part of the brand.  

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