Random Acts of Kindness

We are going to talk about something different today. Next week we'll be back to our usual #MotherhoodProject feature posts, but this week we needed to discuss some things weighing heavy on our hearts. In light of all the recent tragic events, locally, nationally, and globally, it's impossible to be unaffected. Day after day, scrolling though social media, watching the news.  It's like a snowball effect. Story after story, of tragedy, hate, sadness, and despair. It all becomes too much, and I began to feel overwhelmed with sadness. 

I needed to do something. Something to lighten this heavy feeling I had. But what could we do? I'm just one person. I can't fix the world. Then I realized I need to stop focusing on what I can't do and start thinking about what I can do. I can teach my children that love is more powerful than hate. That even when the world seems dark, a light can always be found. I can be the good I want to see in the world. So with that thought in mind. We decided to start preforming random acts of kindness in hopes to spread a little love and hope in our communities. 

Our goal was to do 49 acts of random kindness. It seems like a fitting number after last weeks tragedy in Orlando. They didn't have to big, it was the thought and message that was important. Nicole and I (and our kiddos) enjoyed spreading joy so much we actually ended up doing way more than 49. Here is a little peek at some acts we did over the last week. 

We put quarters on candy, toy, and ride on machines at Stores and Supermarkets. My boys especially loved helping with this one. 

We lefts goodies at tons of parks, for both kids, and adults. 

Everything from crossword puzzle books to note pads with pens/pencils. Water balloon, bubbles, stickers, temporary tattoos, goodie bags, etc. 

We paid for peoples coffees at Dutch Brothers. 

And had Starbucks cake pops handed out at random.

We left money at vending machines, and in isles at the Dollar Tree. 

We left tumblers with tea packets on benches at bus stops. My boys loved being "Superheroes of Kindness."

We even left some Honey Bee True Co. goodness at a children's clothing store. This tee was too perfect for the message we hope to spread. I realize all of these random act of kindness are small, and it in no way fixes everything wrong in the world. But I do know kindness is contagious, and love always wins. If we all set out to be kinder, imagine the chain reaction that can create. I urge you to give it a try in your own community.  

I hope we made someones day. I hope we brought a smile to child's face. I hope some one was inspired to pass it on. If we did, we succeeded, and that is all that matters.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.” -Gandhi

Until next time.

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